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The "why move" may be simple...The "how to move" may be daunting for you.


We're the experts in the "how."

Moving your IT services to the cloud has many benefits.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Cloud Solutions & Services

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The path to the cloud takes different routes.

Zirrus One provides a full range of cloud solutions & services.


Cloud Migration

Cloud Readiness

Cloud Migration Pre-Check

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Financial Modeling

Advanced Cloud Assessment

Network Assessment/Architecture

Cloud Efficiency Design

Advanced Troubleshooting

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Management

Designed around your business goals, priorities and budget.

Minimize Risk. Cut Costs. Avoid Delays.

Any cloud strategy starts with your business goals. Zirrus One serves as a guide and advisor on your cloud strategy and provides options.  Our experienced team members can map out a migration plan to ensure a smooth transition. Our goal is to guide you in making wise IT decisions.


Moving to the cloud is a financial decision. We’ll develop detailed financial models for executing various options. We will conduct assessments to evaluate organizational readiness and review all applications. You’ll receive a detailed analysis of current infrastructure environment specific to your key objectives.

We’re committed to your success. Zirrus One experts are always available to monitor and troubleshoot networks. We offer consulting services on an as needed basis. We can find ways to increase and decrease infrastructure needs, on demand, reducing costs. If you have limited resources, we offer Managed IT services to allow you to outsource the management of IT assets and operations.

Cybersecurity Solutions & Services

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A data breach - your stolen data is for sale on the Dark Web

Hijacked - your network is down for ransom

Cybersecurity starts with the appropriate technical, physical and procedural controls - all built into your IT Lifecycle.  

Let Zirrus One create a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO/vCIO As a Service)

Data Breach Incident Response Plan

Information Security Risk Management

Cybersecurity Awareness & Education

Phishing Expedition

Dark Web Monitoring

Vulnerability Scan

Penetration Testing

Define Your Security Strategy.  Identify Risks. Ensure Readiness. 

The Resources You Need. While your IT team focuses on the reliability of your network, let Zirrus One keep your network secure.

Be Prepared. Services such as Risk Management assessments, vulnerability scans and penetration testing will provide a full picture of your network security and identify any possible issues.

Mitigate Risk. We equip and train employees to protect themselves and your business against criminal elements. Adding Dark Web Monitoring to identify stolen credentials creates more security.

Cybersecurity Consulting

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Zirrus One Cybersecurity Services

Need a security check-up to improve your preparedness, planning and execution of your cybersecurity strategy?

In the midst of a merger or acquisition or focused on a regulatory compliance effort?

Haven’t had time to  keep up on the latest in cybersecurity?

No matter which cloud provider you use, you’ll need security options to protect your cloud assets from breaches. And, those options may change over time.

Zirrus One has industry experts -  network architects, application analysts, regulatory experts - that ensure your cybersecurity strategy moves your organization forward. Call on us for that much needed assessment and strategy advice.


Just Ask. All organizations can benefit from outside advice and help. You need to constantly monitor your security risks and gaps. You need to improve your preparedness and planning to ensure flawless execution of your cybersecurity strategy. Zirrus One often provides specialized cybersecurity and firewall rule assessments to identify ways to improve security, minimize exposure to attacks and ensure your configuration meets compliance requirements.


Security Roadmap

Cybersecurity Assessment

Firewall Rule Assessment

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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Minimize Downtime

Maintain Regulatory Standards

Extend the Capabilities of your Team

Your customers and your employees expect reliable 24-hours-a-day access to your network. Downtime can cost you revenue and goodwill.


Leverage Zirrus One structured methodologies and test practices to more easily and cost effectively meet standards such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and others.


We empower your team to be better.  We’ll transfer our expertise and technology to keep your operations running smoothly and securely.

Our Services Include

Business Continuity:

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Business Recovery Plan Development

  • Recovery Strategies

  • Testing & Design Validation

  • Business Impact Analysis

Disaster Recovery:

  • Business Impact Analysis

  • Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment

  • Disaster Recovery Strategic Planning

  • Disaster Recovery Design & Implementation

  • Disaster Recovery Audit & Testing

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