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October 12, 2020

Zirrus One Celebrates

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Participate in special drawing to be selected for a

Phishing Campaign or Dark Web Scan.











“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.”

The Dark Web.  Phishing Scams. Definitely Double Trouble…and plenty of headaches. Plenty of lost profits.


Don’t get tricked!


During Cybersecurity Month, secure your network! Zirrus One is offering a treat to two lucky companies. Click here for the opportunity to win one of the following security tests from Zirrus One:

  • A Dark Web Scan 

  • A Phishing Campaign (50 Emails)


Zirrus One…Keeping you out of network security trouble! Keeping your profits safe.


Dark Web Scan: Know your network vulnerabilities. Gain peace of mind – knowing that your most valuable data is safe from hackers. We’ll monitor your network for one month – deliver a report and alerts for critical exposures monitoring for hidden chat rooms, private & black-market websites, peer-to-peer networks, IRC channels, social media platforms and over 640,000 botnets.


Phishing Campaign: Learn just how alert your employees are to network security issues. Zirrus One will construct and send customized Phishing Expedition emails to at least 50 email addresses over a three-week period. You’ll receive a detailed report of findings for analysis and response and recommendations on educating your employees on how to recognize and stop phishing expeditions.

Open to US and Canada companies. Must be 18 to enter. No purchase required. One entry per person. Giveaway ends October 31, 2020 (midnight). Winners will be announced through Zirrus One LinkedIn page and on website on Thursday, November 5. For more information, email



September 24, 2020

Josh Restivo Named Director of Architecture 

Seasoned IT Leader, Network Architect, Cybersecurity Guru










Zirrus One is always looking for Rockstars – and we’re excited to announce our new Director of Architecture – Josh Restivo – a true Rockstar leader, technologist, network architect and talented IT and cybersecurity guru.


His IT career has taken him from dynamic world of technology startups to the mission-critical battlefields of AT&T. His skills include a broad range of technical disciplines: computer forensics, AIOps, API Exposure Technologies, Cloud Computing … and more.


At Zirrus One Josh works directly with customers – staying ahead of the technology curve to find innovative solutions and services to meet their needs. Like everyone at Zirrus One, his goal is to make life less difficult for our clients and our partners.


If you need a Rockstar like Josh to assist you in solving your IT problems and reach your “someday goals,” schedule a consultation.


If you’re a Rockstar and are interested in working for Zirrus One, send us your resume. We’re always looking for great talent.

To learn more about Josh, read his bio here.


August 27, 2020

Zirrus One Expands Service Offerings

 Brings Technology Executives to Leadership Team










Expanded Service Offering.


Since our founding in 2014, we’ve offered a full range of IT Cloud Management & Integration solutions. With many companies needing outside support to manage change and deliver new solutions, we’ve expanded. Our Technical Professional Services focuses on planning and executing engineering and technology solutions, such as large-scale network upgrades and deployments for broadband service providers. With our Operational Transformation services, you can get assistance in managing change – whether it is from a merger or acquisition or a need to improve customer retention.


Expanded Leadership Brings Unique Expertise.

Joining Zirrus One is Aimee Doane as Vice President, Growth & Customer Development, bringing unique expertise in operations, change management, process improvement and customer journey transformation.  Also joining Zirrus One is Omar Sandoval, Vice President, Technical Operations & Professional Services. In this role, Omar will lead customers in planning and executing various engineering and technology solutions, such as large-scale network upgrades and deployments.


Co-founder and President, Brent Viken said, “Expanding our services and bringing on smart, effective leaders such as Aimee and Omar immediately provides expertise to help our customers and partners grow and reduce costs. In this time of immense change, any business can benefit by engaging with experienced, technical experts from Zirrus One.”


Contact Us to learn more. 

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