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Your customers’ needs and expectations change.

New technologies bring opportunity.

Your market shifts. Competition is fierce.

A merger, acquisition or divestiture means change.

The Questions to Ask…
How will your organization react to change when it comes?
Can you keep your growth and profitability stable during change?


Zirrus One has proven experience in driving change for industries such as technology and telecommunications, enterprise and SMB markets.  We can provide tools, processes, training and communications to manage change – whether you’re going through a merger or acquisition or installing a new Operation Support System (OSS) or Business Support System (BSS).


Keep internal resources focused on everyday business. Zirrus One will learn about your current processes and business practices. We’ll develop a strategy for change and then adapt your current processes to processes that drive change.


No need to start from scratch.


The results?


A shorter time frame to plan and implement all phases of change.

Your business success is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, your markets, and your customers.


Let Zirrus One support you in the drive for change. Change that helps you grow and be more profitable.

Benefits of Operational Transformation

Change Management

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Change is essential to grow, expand and thrive - and at times change is even necessary to survive.

No matter what is driving your organization's change, how you manage the change is critical. 

Managing change means you know where you are and you have clear goals for where you need to be.

Zirrus One can lead your organization through change.


Strategy development, planning, execution, including communications and training.

We help you to identify respected employees that can serve as change agents. We’ll ensure your management teams are on board and are engaged with the change process. You will even have a strong communications plan that articulates the need for change: The Why as well as The How.


We’ll take you through a proven process that ensures you’ll gain clarity on where you are and where you need to be. 


Readiness Assessment

Assess your organization’s readiness to change. Organizational Assessments. Culture and History Assessments. Employee Assessments. Sponsor Assessments. Change Assessments.


Organizational Design

Step-by-step methodology. Workflow, procedures, structures and systems realigned to fit current business and designed to implement new changes.


Change Management Strategy

Define the approach to communicate the change, manage the execution and lead your organization through the change.

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Customer Journey Transformation

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Have you ever taken the time to step back and see the journey that a customer takes to do business with you?  Do you know what they expected and if you meet their expectations?


What is the customer experience at each touchpoint? How might a customer reflect on the experience across multiple stages and touch points?


Zirrus One has expertise in creating a Customer Journey Map that gives a holistic view of your interaction with your customer. And, at each point, you’ll learn about the customer response and identify specific ways to improve your interactions. Our goal is to help you make each customer into a loyal fan.


With expertise in running call centers, Zirrus One leadership will also provide strategies and specific applications, such as Call Center Change acceleration and CRM automation to drive customer satisfaction and retention.

See your company through your customers’ eyes.

Align organizations around your customer.

Improve your customers' experience.

Lower Customer Acquisition and Retention Costs.


Business Process Blueprint

Customer Journey Mapping

CRM Automation 

Call Center Change Acceleration

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Dynamic Program Management (Executive-Level)


Program Management ensures people and teams are aligned and collaborating across departments to achieve a shared strategic vision (a program).


The key to great program management is to ensure that program is met on time, within budget and as expected.


Dealing with multiple departments, multiple products or moving targets is challenging. Zirrus One leads companies through programs in a dynamic, agile method…ready to make quick and yet, well thought-out decisions during the program management process.


The ability to adjust, prioritize and make decisions is important as goals are achieved.  Programs are often dynamic and  managing complex inter-project relationships within a program can be challenging.


Programs often drive a balancing act against day-to-day realities. That’s why you should leverage Zirrus One, Dynamic Program Management expertise.  We will provide the executive-level expertise as well as the day-to-day program manager that you need to ensure your program is delivered on time and on budget.


Risk & Opportunity Management

Transition & Change Management


Zirrus One provides partner assistance to safeguard your program. We’re experienced to see problems before they occur, minimize risks and drive to completion. We ensure success with a focus on four key areas:

  • Identify key personnel throughout your organization to serve as sponsors of the program, committed to success.

  • Assess risks and set strategy to mitigate.

  • Define areas of change, leverage points and assess readiness for change.

  • Create ongoing communication strategy, both internal and external.

Merger and Acquisition Synergies

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Identify and Manage Synergies. Manage Operational and Technology Changes. Eliminate Redundancies. Engage Employees.    

Every merger or acquisition needs a playbook. What needs to be addressed immediately?  What needs to happen in the first 100 days? What is the strategy for long-term synergies?  How do you remain focused on your customers and sales revenue is secure?


Zirrus One experts have been on the inside of many mergers and acquisitions. Our experience is what will drive your success. We’ll provide you with the guidance you need to bring two organizations together. We can develop a playbook, give you checklists and define processes to ensure synergies and assist you to manage the transition.


Zirrus One also has the technical expertise to manage any IT system and infrastructure integration. Our knowledge of networks, engineering and technology will mean your headaches are gone.


Post-Merger Planning

Best Practice Audit

Operational Efficiency

Business Process Optimization

Staff Training

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